Dec 9, 2008

Mitsubishi Kabuto (citycar project)

Brief: create a city car, with the size of the Smart ForTwo, but increasing the aesthetic character for a young and dynamic client.
Inspired by the Japanese tradition. Kabuto comes from the name it received the helmets of the samurai, and the front tries to reflect the masks of the Samurai.

Tense surfaces and sharp edges.
I wanted to give a touch of innovation with the side completely smooth visually, as a block, but inside it is possible to see the extrerior, because it has side windows, and place the lights at the ends as possible.

1/5 scale model. Hand made.

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Rob said...

Estoy cruzando la calle por un paso peatones y veo que se aproxima semejante artefaco y acelero el paso, no te digo mas. Muy chulo.